Article : Shawl Industry Of Kashmir During Sikh Rule


Shawl Industry Of Kashmir During Sikh Rule


Ab Majiid

This research paper is based on the growth and development of the famous shawl industry of Kashmir valey. The valley of Kashmir which is surrounded by the mountains from all sides had not much trading contacts with the outside world because of poor and no transportation and communication facilities during the medieval times. The inhabitants of the valley had to depend on its own production and manufacturing of goods. As Kashmir was the hub of all arts and crafts from the ancient times like carpet-weaving, paper-machie, paper-making,bottle-making etc. But most important of all the craft industries were Shawl-industry. The shawls of the Kashmir were not only famous in the India but in the whole World. In this paper we will analyze the growth and development of this industry during the period of Sikh Rule which lasted for about 27 years from 1819 to 1846 A.D. We will also examine the conditions the people who remained associated with it and how Sikh rulers patronize it. And how policies of Sikhs government effect its growth and development? No doubt, during the early days of the Sikh Rule the shawl industry flourished but with the passage of time because of the policies of the Sikh rule the industry declined. So the paper aims to present the perfect conditions of the Shawl industry of Kashmir during the Sikh Rule from 1819-1846 A.D.

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