Article : Effect Of Cylinder Air Swirl On Petrol Engine Performance


Effect Of Cylinder Air Swirl On Petrol Engine Performance


Dr. M.L.S Deva Kumar, S. Kamalesh Rao

The main objective of the proposed work is to find experimentally, the influence of air swirl in the cylinder on the performance and emissions of a single cylinder gasoline engine (Bajaj 2-stroke 150cc gasoline super engine). It is proposed to modify piston face, by creating rhombus shaped grooves on it. In this work it is also to propose to vary number shaped grooves from 6, 9 &12 to intensity the swirl for better mixing of fuel and to investigate their effects on the performance and emissions.
In the present work the better combustion and lesser emissions in gasoline engine can be obtained. But it is necessary to achieve a good spatial distribution of the injected fuel throughout the entire space. In other words, matching the combustion chamber geometry fuel injection and gas flows is the most crucial factors for attainting a better combustion. In gasoline engine, swirl can be increased the rates of fuel-air mixing, reducing the combustion duration for re-entrant chambers at retard injection timings. Swirl interaction with compression induced squish flow increases turbulence levels in the combustion bowl, promotion mixing. The flow in the combustion chamber develops, from interaction of the intake flow with the in-cylinder geometry, the goal of this work is to characterize the role of combustion chamber on in-cylinder flow thus the air-mixing ,combustion and pollutant formation processes of the gasoline engine(.(Bajaj 2-stroke 150cc gasoline super engine) .

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