Article : Growth And Magnetoresistance Study Of CoFeB Thin Films


Growth And Magnetoresistance Study Of CoFeB Thin Films


Kailash Chandra

In the present work, we have investigated magneto-transport properties of CoFeB thin film deposited using DC-magnetron sputtering system on Si substrate. The magnetotransport properties of as- deposited and annealed films were characterized at room temperature using four probe method with the in-plane applied magnetic field (H) parallel or perpendicular to the electric current (I). It is found that resistance with varying values of +ve and –ve field did not show identical (decrease or increase) sign with regard to sign of MR. However, MR did change the sign in two cases when compared either at same +ve or –ve H value. In summary, MR behavior observed in as-deposited CoFeB films is concluded as anomalous magnetoresistance behavior. But in case of annealed films, we have observed negative AMR (– 0.35%) when current is perpendicular to field and positive (+ 0.3%) when current is parallel to field at room temperature in annealed (400 C) sample. The change in resistance (i.e. AMR) is generally attributed to spin orbit coupling and scattering of electrons.  

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