Article : A Study On Biometric Encryption Techniques


A Study On Biometric Encryption Techniques


L Soujanya, Anil Kumar Mishra

 Security in defence establishments has always been a sore point, stressed upon by one and all. In addition to physical security where in the physical access to the high security areas is controlled and restricted, security to the data and information in the large number of computers needs to be addressed urgently and effectively.  For this, biometrics-fingerprint recognition is by far the most cost effective, suitable solution available in the market today. This may be used singly i.e. encryption of minutae point of finger prints or in conjunction with some other biometric technology like or Retina scan or Iris recognition or non biometric techniques say smart cards. Among these Biometric Encryption is considered to be most trusted and substantial technique to tackle masquerade attacks say by producing a fake finger during validation or stealing database. This paper gives an overview of the advancements in the field of Biometric Encryption.

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