Article : The Significance Of Inculcating Soft Skills In Students In The Process Of Teaching Hard Skills


The Significance Of Inculcating Soft Skills In Students In The Process Of Teaching Hard Skills


P V Dharmarajan, Rajkumar Pachigalla, Koundinya Lanka

This paper is the result of an investigation of the impact that the Soft skills have on the life of a student in his student life as well as the impact they have on his life thereafter when he becomes a professional. This paper explores why Soft Skills are essential and compulsory and complement hard skills, which are called technical requirements of a professional for which a student undergoes rigorous training in college. This paper urges teachers, faculties and trainers to take individual responsibility in the aspect of training students in Soft Skills, Faculties, who teach / train them have a great influence over them because they spend most of their time with them. Especially in engineering colleges, the professors who train students in hard skills are in a much better position to blend Soft Skills along with hard skills efficiently, thus bringing out a power packed module that shapes the students personality. Students, on the other hand, are also responsible for this situation because they focus more on acquiring technical knowledge, putting Soft Skills in the backseat. They realize this only when placement time is near. If both are blended together, the output is a better professional and a superior human being. All it requires is a little bit of extra effort from the faculty’s side, a little care from the parents’ side and a little more effort from the student. We all know that prevention is better than cure. So Soft Skills must be embedded during early childhood and during teen years otherwise instead of being an asset, she/he becomes a liability to the parents as well as the nation. If care is not taken immediately, we might have a nation of cultureless, manner less, educated zombies looking for work.

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