Article : Behavioral Response Of Multimammate Rat (Mastomys Natalensis, Smith 1834) On Selected Crude Pesticidal Plant Extracts


Behavioral Response Of Multimammate Rat (Mastomys Natalensis, Smith 1834) On Selected Crude Pesticidal Plant Extracts


Mdangi M., B. Borremans, Sibuga P. K., Mulungu L. S.

A plus maze arrangement was set at the Rodent Control Centre, Morogoro, Tanzania to investigate the rat behavior when subjected to maize seeds dressed with crude extracts of Lantana camara leaves (200 g), Ricinus communis seeds (150 g) and Euphorbia candelabrum latex (300 ml). The choice and no-choice test were set using a group of ten rats (5M+ 5F) in five plastic buckets. Each plastic bucket was fixed with RECONIX camera trap on top for picture capturing. Animals were provided with drinking water at the center bucket. In each experiment observation was made for four consecutive days where maize damaged seed, rat activities type (feeding, walking, resting, playing, sentry, grooming, biting others and approaching food) data were daily recorded. Results revealed that there was significant difference (p=0.00001) in maize damaged seed between treatments. With regards to nocturnal behavior, significant difference between treated and control on L. camara leaf (p=0.01301) and R. communis seed (p<0.00001) with no significant effect on E. candelabrum latex (p=0.93254) was observed.
No significant difference between treatments on the proportion of rat pictures approaching food (p=0.64821), biting each other (p = 0.91205), grooming (p=0.59964), feeding (p=0.27042), playing (p=0.36140), sentry (p=0.819821) and walking (p=0.06749). However, there was a significant difference on resting (p=0.02998). In general, this study recommends the use of R. communis for management of M. natalensis in maize farming system due low number of maize damaged seeds. However, several key questions remain, the most urgent being to extract the active compounds responsible for efficacy against rodent pest.

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