Article : Doctor-Patient Relationship Worsening In Indian Context


Doctor-Patient Relationship Worsening In Indian Context


Sachin Divekar, Dr. Varsha Sukhadeve

The research paper deals with the relationship between Doctor-Patient. It is worsening day by day. A possible measure has been taken by implementing strong law against such attack on doctors or their hospitals. But problem remain as it is. Again we are looking into the issue what to do? Here we have consider two period, past and present. Great transformations happen in social, technical, and medical field which again dilute the relationship. All this transformation has consider in studying Doctor-Patient relationship. Concept of family doctor is almost abolishing in today’s speedy age. Emergence of Speciality and Multi-Speciality hospital become major enterprise in health care. Age of information open the door of knowledge to the patients which was almost inaccessible. Patient became attentive, got knowledge and start participating in doctor’s decision. Right of consumer fuel this. Patient start practicing their right and it ignite relationship between Doctor-Patient. Nurse, Pharmacist and other hospital staff start contributing positively and negatively in patient services. Some unwanted practices come in force both from doctors and patients.

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