Article : Problems Encountered By Women Entrepreneurs In India


Problems Encountered By Women Entrepreneurs In India


Dr. A.B. Siddiqui

This paper tries to investigate the problems sand challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in India. Women Entrepreneur is a person who accepts challenging role to meet her personal needs and become economically independent. Many women have this quality but they never got a platform to showcase their talents and hence they don’t know their real abilities. Though the women in India are considered as Shakthi-meaning source of power, but they are also considered weaker sex and always depend on men folk. Even though our constitution speaks of equality between sexes, male chauvinism is still the order of the day. Women in India are taking more responsibilities in bringing up children and maintaining a better home with love and affection. At the family level, the task of coordinating various activities in a much effective manner, without feeling the pinch of inconveniences, is being carried out by the women folk. The study is an exploratory research. The data used in the paper are both the Primary data as well as secondary data. The primary data collection was done with the help of unstructured questionnaire. The secondary data were collected from reports journals magazines and surfing on the Net. Some of the major problems identified are women's family obligations, Gender inequality, Problem of Finance, Low-level risk taking attitude, and the male - female competition .The paper concludes that the problems of women entrepreneurs can be eradicated by appropriate training, incentives, encouragement and motivation, social recognition of their entrepreneurial abilities, and family’s moral support.

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