Article : Role Of Social Media In Government (With Three Case-studies From North-East India)


Role Of Social Media In Government (With Three Case-studies From North-East India)


Manjit Nath, Pranjal Kalita

The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), followed by the use of Social Networking site(s) has brought revolutionary changes to our society irrespective of age, race and region. There is a growing trend to stay connected through the Internet, and Social Media is a widely used application. A large number of for-profit and non-profit organizations are using various Social Media to promote them and advertise their products or offerings. The success in this approach has resulted in a gradual shift from using the traditional print or digital media in some scenarios. As citizens are the primary customers of Government, it is expected that Government departments start using Social Media to reach out to more and more citizens. In India, the few ministers or the Government departments that are using Social Media are getting an overwhelming response not only among the citizens but also among the outside Internet world. The positive response of the citizens is a clear indication of further use of Social Media in Government. This is a humble approach to study the response of citizens for the existing use of Social Media in Government and a sneak-peek into the Social Media framework recently approved by Government of India. The paper uses Dada mining techniques on the data gathered from three case studies of Social Media use by existing Government establishments and individuals to decipher some meaningful conclusions. Lastly, the paper suggests how various Government officials and departments can start using Social Media for the benefit of the citizens with the help of a simple framework.

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