Article : Difference In Entrepreneurial Learning Cycle: In Special Context Of Small Size Enterprises


Difference In Entrepreneurial Learning Cycle: In Special Context Of Small Size Enterprises


Dr. Niharika Maharshi

Learning is a lifelong process. Every individual keeps on learning in his or her whole life span. The aim of learning is to acquire knowledge or skill. Learning also may involve a change in attitude or behaviour. Learning can be seen on one hand as a process of making meaning from experience & on the other hand as primarily about the cognitive process of acquiring & structuring knowledge. In simple language the act, process & the experience of gaining knowledge, is learning. A person's knowledge is a result of experience, and no two people have identical experiences. Even when observing the same event, two people react differently; they learn different things from it.
Same way Entrepreneurial learning is often described as a continuous process that facilitates the development of necessary knowledge for being effective in starting up and managing new ventures. However, although there have been extensive efforts in investigating the potential learning effects of entrepreneurs’ experiences. This Study tries to find out what is the basic difference between learning process of entrepreneurs in manufacturing sector and service sector. Study also strives for the factors those are helpful for entrepreneurs to manage their business. Case study method will be used for the research because beyond the quantitative statically results, case study evaluations can cover both process and outcomes and they can include both quantitative and qualitative data. A qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews will be adopted for investigating various issues related to entrepreneurial learning.

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